What is PWA?

PWA means “Progressive Web Apps”. This is the next generation’s biggest trend now in the web app development industry. Destruction of both Android & iOS app stores has been already been started by Google. The real threat is PWA. This will download to your device the second you open it and it allows you to access everything like news, games, email and other kinds of utilities offline.


Google Says : "Mobile Apps Will Soon be Dead!"

Why PWA?

Low Development Costs

A native app needs to be downloaded in android, iOS or Windows devices for business. This could be costly especially when it comes to start-ups. But, with progressive web apps, it’s very cheaper compared to native apps and with all the similar functionalities at the same time.

App-Like Look and Feel

PWA designed similar to mobile apps that have all the functionalities of websites with dynamic data and database access. This separates PWA to mobile apps. You can easily access it with a particular URL and it is also indexable by search engines as well.

Fast Installation

53% of users leave a website immediately if it took more than 3 seconds to load! Once it’s loaded, a user expects it should be fast without any junky scrolling or slow speed interfaces. PWA loads faster with very smooth animations without any scrolling issues

Better Performance

PWA works faster because of the underlying technology caches which serve the text, CSS and media files on the websites. As a result, user experience and retention rates increased from improved performance.

No Updating Issues

When it comes to native apps, it usually updates automatically or sometimes a manual update required. With Progressive Web Apps, users don’t need to face such issues. Because PWAs are similar to websites so the updates applied in a live version similar to website updates.

Offline Capability

When there’s no internet connection, a website can’t be loaded properly. But on the other hand, when it comes to Progressive Web Apps are self-contained which allows the users to use the app without any internet connection which increases user engagement.

No Dependency on App Store

When it comes to PWA, you don’t need to publish your app on Android, iOS or Windows app stores. Developers can easily push the new updates and without waiting for any pending approvals. All the updates automatically downloaded and applied when the user re-launches the app.

Push Notification Functionality

Push notifications are usually the short messages that pop us on your devices if you’ve installed such an application that has this feature. PWA also offers this great feature. Developers and publishers can implement it in PWAs which allow advertising your content from time to time.

Backed by Google

With the support of the world’s largest software company- Google, it’s crystal clear that Progressive Web Apps have a great future ahead. Google wants more and more websites to develop an app-like experience with PWA.

Our PWA Services

Designing & Developing New PWA

At PolyScript Technologies, we are the leading PWA designing company where we can help you to design and develop the latest, responsive and engaging progressive web apps as per your requirements and objectives.

Converting Old Apps To PWA

Want to convert your old app to PWA? We have experienced developers who can help you to convert your old app into an PWA to improve the performance of your App. This will help you to increase the engagement rate for your app.

PWAs provide numerous advantages to companies


68% Increase of Mobile Traffic


25-Times Reduced Use of Device Storage


52% Average Conversion Increase


78% Average Session Increase


137% Engagement Increase


133.67% Increase in Page Views


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