Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
[AI & ML]

What is Artificial Intelligence?

PolyScript Technologies offer Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning course is designed specifically for advanced business applications. Our course includes all the main topics like AI learning and its workflows, Machine & Deep Learning, performance metrics and many more. With the help of our AI & ML course, you’ll be able to understand the difference between the supervised, unsupervised & reinforcement learning, various use cases and you can able to understand how clustering and classification algorithms can help to identify AI business apps.

Our AI & ML Classroom Trainings

Course Contents:


Python Basics & Packages: Numpy, Scipy, Scikit-learn, Pandas, Matplotlib, Keras, Tensorflow, OpenCV.

Machine Learning

Supervised & UnSupervised Machine Learning Classification and clustering Models

Artificial Intelligence

Image Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing(NLP)


Confidence Interval, Probability distribution, Sampling Theory, Bayesian Theory

Jobs in AI

According to a survey, there are more than 3,000 ML engineer positions on with the highest salary of $125K/year. Data Scientist & AI jobs usually required a bachelor’s or higher degree in Computer & IT with experience in various programming languages like C, Java, Python, JS & SQL. Experience in data science is an add-on in it. The top job positions in this field are AI engineer, AI project manager, AI researcher, AI consultant, etc. The top companies to hire them are Google, Amazon & IBM which know the value of AI in the future.

Why become an AI Engineer?

The current and future demand for AI is keep increasing day by day. According to the NY Times, there’s a huge shortage of AI engineers. Overall there are 10K+ AI engineers required for the jobs with an average salary of around $1,72,000 (Approx. 25 Lakhs INR) with required skills.

Who should take this Artificial Intelligence Program?

As with the time the demand for AI is increasing, our AI course is best suited for various roles and positions which include as follows:
# Developers who want to become an AI or ML engineer.
# Analytics who want to build their career in AI or ML.
# Analytics managers who can lead the team of AI/ML engineers.
# Fresher graduates who want to kick start their career in AI & ML.
# Experienced professionals who want to explore the field of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

What are my job opportunities on the completion of this Artificial Intelligence Program?

Once you completed our AI engineer course, you will have all the required skills to get your dream job.
There are many ideal jobs for AI trainees which are:
# AI Engineer
# Data Scientist
# Analytics Team Leader
# ML Engineer
# Programming Specialist



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